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What I’ve learned in LIFE: School’s Out for Summer & Other Random Thoughts


Schools Out for Summer; Kids Playing

As the Alice Cooper song goes, “school’s out for summer”! Those words that Alice Cooper once sang are like heavenly music to my kids and students everywhere, but maybe not so much for the stay at home moms and dads. Summer means no more “me time”.   And for most stay-at-home-parents, they are already counting down the days until September.

For me personally, I’m relieved that the stresses of school will go on hiatus. With teenage children, the last week of final exams, was no walk in the park.

While you and your kids look forward to family vacations and laying out by the pool, others may find summer as a time to make some extra money mowing lawns, holding garage sales and selling lemonade. Whatever you and your family have planned for the summer activities, enjoy it! 


What do you have planned to keep your kiddos busy this summer?  How was your last week of school?

What this working mom has learned in LIFE:

• YouTube, Twitter and Facebook completely revolutionized procrastination.

• Seriously if it weren’t for YouTube- we would never get to see a cat play the piano.

• I remember when the kids were younger, I’d say, “it’s such a nice day, why don’t you just go outside and play.” Now I say,” it’s such a nice day, why don’t you just go outside and make some money”.

• Don’t eat the Sherk drinking glasses you bought at McDonalds, they are tainted on the outside with Caidum, a possible carcinogen.

• Sarah Ferguson is probably missing the days of her toe-sucking scandal.

• I got an email from my teen’s English teacher this week, explaining how the school system grades their Final “English” paper on formatting over content & quality of writing.  Shut the Front Door!  Since when is how pretty it looks graded higher than content?

• After school,  my daughter got in the car, and I asked her how she did on her final Math exam.  She replied, “Great, I got a 95 on the final and I had a 92 overall going into the final.  So that averages to 87, right?”

• I would help my son with Algebra, but I quit helping the kids with their math problems once they start putting letters in it.

• I was talking to my son’s teacher; he asked if there was any history of ADD in our family, but I didn’t hear him, I was watching the birds out the window.

• Believe me, you are going to need an extra-large stock of Valium when your kids go through puberty.

• My daughter commented on a song we were listening to on the car radio, “This song is from Twilight.” So I said, “The movie?” She said, “No mom, the book.”

I learned it is best not to even ask my teenage son why there’s an orange traffic cone in his backseat.

• My husband is a horrible secretary. His note on my desk said, “Someone from the Guyna College called. They said Pabst beer is normal.”

• Have you seen the “Hot Guys reading Books” Blog? Well, at least they got the “reading books part right.”

• I have a mind like a steel whatchamacallit and a sense of humor like whatshisname.

• I just want five more hours in the day- after, you know, world peace and everything!


What have you learned in LIFE?  What do you have planned to keep your kiddos busy this summer?   How was your last week of school?

Schools Out. YEAH!

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8 Comments to

“What I’ve learned in LIFE: School’s Out for Summer & Other Random Thoughts”

  1. Avatar June 5th, 2010 at 8:06 am Jean Says:

    So what was the orange cone for? I’m curious!! Nice blog. I have bookmarked this.

  2. Avatar June 5th, 2010 at 8:44 am Pam Laux Says:

    He likes to skateboard…so it has something to do with that. Yeah, right. He has that skateboarder, hockey player, Justin Bieber look. (But Ben is cuter, if I don’t say so myself,:))

  3. Avatar June 5th, 2010 at 1:20 pm suesouthmore Says:

    Love the Blog. Where can I get your books? Sue S

  4. Avatar June 5th, 2010 at 4:08 pm Pam Laux Says:

    Glad you’re here. I will have a place on my web site for a sign up list for when published. Not available yet. Pam

  5. Avatar June 7th, 2010 at 8:04 am Linda Says:

    Love the comment about YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I will get to work as soon as I check them all……

  6. Avatar June 7th, 2010 at 5:16 pm Jamie Says:

    I have teens as well. Kids continue to amaze me. They get smarter every year, or I get dumber. Keep up the blog. Checking back often.

  7. Avatar June 10th, 2010 at 11:19 am Alesia Habeeb Says:

    Love the summer and kids being home!!!

  8. Avatar May 4th, 2012 at 1:40 pm may Says:

    i thought you did a great job of this, thanks

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